(Pocket-lint) – TikTok fan but your phone screen just not quite big enough for your liking? Well, if you own a current LG TV then the video social app is coming.

LG announced today, 7 October 2021, that all its 2020 and 2021 tellies – with webOS 5 and beyond operating systems installed anyway – will have the app available via a firmware update. So keep an eye out for an over-the-air prompt, get that installed, and the app should be available.

Your LG TV older than that? It’s not all bad news: the Korean company states that “[TikTok] will also be available for 2019 and FHD TVs in the coming months” – so whether you’ve got a 4K Ultra-HD or smaller Full HD set, either OLED or NanoCell, by the end of 2021 it should be in full TikTok mode.

LG’s webOS operating system is already strong, with access to plenty of native apps that some other brands are slower to obtain – Disney+, for example – so its expansion with TikTok further bolsters the platform. It’s not the first system to receive TikTok, though, as Android TV has supported it for some time.

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