(Pocket-lint) – According to reputable display analyst Ross Young, Apple is planning on developing a third Apple Watch model even larger than its current 45mm offering, potentially marking the first time the company will offer more than two size options for its ever-popular wearable. 

Notably, Apple has already slightly increased its maximum display size this year with the release of the Apple Watch Series 7, bumping up the case size options from 40mm and 44mm to 41mm and 45mm, respectively. 

Alongside that, the company added approximately 20 per cent more screen real estate to both models by shrinking the bezels – or as Apple calls them, borders – even further. 

A third size offering next year, however, would most likely be in the 47-49mm range, with a display around the two-inch mark considering the current 45mm option features a 1.9-inch screen. 

Pocket-lint reached out to Young to clarify the sizing of next year’s models, and he confirmed the larger model won’t feature a drastic bump in size, specifying for the Series 8, “we [expect] 1.72-inch, 1.92-inch and now ~2-inch.” 

He agreed that a 47-49mm case size “sounds about right”, and all three displays will, of course, feature LTPO technology which Apple first introduced on the Series 5. 

At any rate, an Apple Watch Series 8 is at least around a year or so away, so in the meanwhile, you’ll have to stick with the only ever-so-slightly upgraded Series 7.  

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