(Pocket-lint) – Just as it seemed Magic Leap was on its last legs, the company has managed to raise half a billion dollars in investor funding alongside CEO Peggy Johnson announcing the existence of a Magic Leap 2 – the company’s first major revision to its introductory product with a stunning new design intended for all-day-long wearability. 

Introduced both live on CNBC and in a letter penned by Johnson herself, it’s no secret the company has struggled to identify its ideal target market since inception. However, more than a decade after its founding, Magic Leap now seems adamantly focused on one leading group: enterprise. 

While the company does make mention of the “intense interest” to bring Magic Leap to the consumer level more predominately, Johnson warns everything has to tie back in with their core focus, stating, “[we] will actively pursue [consumer space] opportunities if they enhance our position and ability to innovate in the enterprise market.”

Regardless, Magic Leap seems to be making tremendous strides in actually developing a device that doesn’t look exorbitantly ostentatious and has some potential to be worn all day long by dozens if not hundreds and thousands of workers on factory floors in divisions that range in anything from mechanical engineering, medicine, construction, shipping and logistics, and more. 

Magic Leap

The possibilities for AR are virtually endless; the primary key in seeing profit has been driving functional and worthwhile applications for willing markets where thousands of employees can actually utilise a headset each and every day. 

While a world in which AR is ubiquitous is yet to exist, Magic Leap’s latest effort in bringing the company’s smallest and lightest device to market by mid-2022 seems like a good round two for seeing if there really is a world where AR can transform the workplace. 

As for the tech present in the second generation, Johnson writes, 

“Our Next Generation Technology Magic Leap 2 will be the industry’s smallest and lightest device built for enterprise adoption. This more advanced headset boasts critical updates that make it more immersive and even more comfortable, with leading optics, the largest field of view in the industry, and dimming – a first-to-market innovation that enables the headset to be used in brightly lit settings, in addition to a significantly smaller and lighter form factor.”

Magic Leap 2 is scheduled for release sometime in 2022.  

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