(Pocket-lint) – We may still be a couple of weeks away from Facebook’s annual Connect conference, but the company’s executives are already teasing prototype VR headsets

Both Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s vice president of VR Andrew Bosworth posted images of the different experimental headsets, citing the company’s work on the Metaverse.

Naturally, as with any concept device, it’s very unlikely these designs will become fully-fledged retail products – like a successor to the Oculus Quest 2 – but they do give us an insight into the work being done at Facebook’s Reality Labs Research facility in Redmond.

The headset worn by Zuckerberg, as seen above, offers a design very akin to modern VR headsets, with the Facebook CEO describing the resolution as “retina-level” – borrowing an Apple-ism. 

Bosworth’s device, on the other hand, looks much more futuristic, sharing some design similarities with Magic Leap’s devices.

Aside from the teaser images, though, there’s actually no real information about these headsets – not even whether they’re used to test in AR, as well as VR.

In that sense, then, the timing for the reveal is an interesting one – especially when you consider these prototypes could have stayed under wraps until Facebook Connect on 28 October. With the HTC Vive Flow taking centre stage in the world of VR this week, though, it’s also possible that Facebook just wanted to redirect some of the attention.

As we say, we don’t expect to see hardware that’s based on these designs anytime soon, but perhaps Oculus will surprise us with some major advancements at the developer conference.

Stay tuned for that one, as we’ll be covering all the announcements as they happen.

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