(Pocket-lint) – Capturing high-quality, cinematic footage has become easier than ever before, thanks to accessible, convenient equipment and software. You can technically record videos with nothing but a good smartphone, but if you want to be recognized in a social landscape that seems full of professionals, you’ll probably need to lug several tools around. To capture cinematic footage, either for personal or professional use, you need a wide range of devices, including selfie sticks, tripods, gimbals, and live streaming equipment.

Well, thanks to the Hohem iSteady Q, you can now combine all of those capabilities and capture cinematic, professional videos with just one device. Yup, that’s right, you don’t need to carry a bag full of video recording equipment anymore — just your smartphone and the multi-purpose iSteady Q selfie stick are all you need.

Hohem has been designing accessible video recording equipment since 2014 

Hohem Tech is a Chinese high-tech enterprise that’s been at the forefront of gimbal technology and video recording equipment since 2014. Hohem pioneered high-performance intelligent image stabilization systems for smartphones and DSLR cameras meant for regular, everyday use. They also launched the world’s first smartphone stabilizer with AI face tracking, which has directly contributed to helping people document their lives with cinematic glory. And now, they seem primed to take home recording capabilities to the next level with iSteady Q.

Hohem iSteady Q, the versatile selfie stick

Hohem iSteady Q is categorized as a selfie stick, but it also packs the capabilities of tripods, gimbals, and live streaming equipment. It has a wide range of advanced features, such as an iSteady stabilization technology, inbuilt single-axis brushless motor, rotatable arm, 360° face tracking, and much more. Below, we highlight some of this versatile selfie stick’s most impressive features.

iSteady StabilizationTechnology

iSteady Q features an innovative smart stabilization technology that ensures all of your videos are completely smooth, even when captured by hand. The selfie stick includes an inbuilt single-axis brushless motor that allows you to take smooth videos with focus.

360° Rotatable Arm

iSteady Q features an innovative rotatable arm that transforms it from a selfie stick to a 360° desktop gimbal. You have to simply rotate the arm by 90° to change its axis of rotation, making it suitable for 360° horizontal rotation, a feature only available in desktop gimbals.

360° Face Tracking

iSteady Q can transform into a 360° desktop gimbal, as mentioned previously. However, it also features smart face detection capabilities, allowing it to shift horizontally to focus on your dynamic movements. It keeps you centred at all times.

One-Tap Auto Rotation

iSteady Q can make immediate and automated rotational shots with one tap. You have to simply place the selfie stick in the chosen location, use it as a tripod, and activate the inception mode. The camera will automatically start rotating, capturing a cinematic spinning shot.

Detachable Remote Control

iSteady Q features a detachable remote control with a distance of up to 10 meters or 33 feet. As such, while capturing videos, you can instantly switch between landscape and portrait mode, activate auto-rotation, take panoramic videos, zoom in or out, or switch between the front or back cameras. It puts all of the control in your hands.

Dynamic Design

iSteady Q features a dynamic and ultra-portable design. Despite functioning as a tripod, selfie stick, and gimbal, it can be folded down into a compact size that easily fits within your pocket. When you’re ready to start the action, you can simply retrieve it from your pocket, unfold it, and start shooting.

Standard Selfie Stick

If you don’t care for the fancy features and only want a traditional, simple selfie stick, iSteady Q can be that as well! You have to simply turn the motor lock to the left, turning it into a standard selfie stick for regular use. As such, you control the device’s dynamism and versatility.

Hohem Joy App

Hohem iSteady Q is compatible with an innovative and highly functional Hohem Joy app, which allows you to use several cinematic templates with the click of a button. You don’t need advanced editing skills to produce highly advanced cinematic footage. Some of the app’s most innovative features include Motion Time-Lapse, Fantastic Rotation, CloneMe, and Dolly Zoom.

iSteady Q is available at only $39.99

Since its foundation, Hohem has been dedicated to ensuring that everyone can shoot high-quality videos. True to that goal, their products are always reasonably priced, and iSteady Q is no different. iSteady Q is the lowest-priced product in the entire iSteady series, available for only $39.99. While that might seem a little steep for selfie sticks, it’s an absolute steal for a device that functions as a selfie stick, gimbal, tripod, and live streaming equipment.

Hohem is also currently offering an amazing deal — you can buy a iSteady Q to get a completely free Selfie Ring Light, while supplies last, only available in the Hohem Store.

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