(Pocket-lint) – When the curtain closed on Succession season 2 – oh, that ending – avid watchers were eagerly awaiting season 3. Fortunately, after a delay due to global circumstances, that wait is now over, after Succession season 3 hit screens on 18 October 2021.

Don’t worry, no spoilers here, just all the information of how, where and when to watch Succession season 3…

Succession season 3 release date: When is it out?

Season 3 has now started, after episode one aired on 18 October 2021. It’s a week-by-week affair.

The official trailer was released on 6 July 2021, which you can watch below if you want a taster of what’s to come in the season.

How and where to watch Succession series 3

Succession, being an HBO original network show, is on HBO Max for the US audience. That’s $14.99 a month without ads (or $9.99 a month with ads).


At present, however, HBO Max isn’t available in other territories outside the USA. For those in the UK, Succession is on Sky. You’ll need a Sky subscription, or a Now Entertainment subscription – which is also accessible from other sources, such as BT TV or, indeed, via various set-top boxes and streaming sticks.

How many episodes are in Succession season 3?

The first two seasons each had 10 episodes each, so we would anticipate Succession season 3 to follow the same format with another 10 episodes.

That should bring the total number to 30 – and there’s plenty that can happen in that time-frame.

What is expected to happen in Succession season 3?

Well, we said no spoilers. All we have to go on right now is that trailer, posted above, which presents all our favourite characters in various stages of meltdown, along with family catch-ups about who, indeed, will be the successor of Waystar Royco. Probably nobody if Logan Roy has his way. Poor ol’ Shiv, eh?

How and where to catch-up on previous seasons of Succession?

Succession season 1 is available on Blu-ray if you want the highest quality disc format. Season 2 never made it to a 4K disc release, however, and was only bundled as a season 1 & 2 DVD bundle.


Increasingly, of course, not owning physical media and instead streaming your favourite shows is all part and parcel of the viewing experience. It’s no different for Succession, which is available in a multitude of places for catch-up purposes.

If you’re a Now customer with an Entertainment Membership package then seasons 1 and 2 are both available for watching at no additional cost outside of your existing subscription (that’s £9.99 a month, an additional £5 a month for Boost to up the quality to Full HD (1080p) – there’s no option to watch in 4K). Sky subscribers can also watch season one and two On Demand.

If you want to watch specific episodes elsewhere then Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Google Play TV & Movies offer pay-per-download instead, meaning 4K is possible. However, at around £1.89/$1.99 per episode, a streaming subscription would be a more affordable way to binge the previous seasons – albeit in lower resolution.

Will there be a season 4 of Succession?

This isn’t answerable just yet. But given the magnitude of the first two seasons and the strong fan base, if season 3’s viewer figures sit high enough then we’d highly expect Succession season 4 to be on the cards.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet, for there’s 10 more episodes of turmoil and comedy to get through.

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