(Pocket-lint) – God of War, many people’s 2018 game of the year and one of the most celebrated exclusives that PlayStation has ever released for its consoles, is coming to PC in 2022.

A store page for the game has gone live on Steam, before being confirmed by Sony itself, letting users pre-order it for £39.99 or $49.99 ahead of a release date of 14 January 2022. It’s part of a clear strategy from Sony to bring what have been console exclusives to PC.

The game joins others like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone from recent months, and will only serve to widen the series’ audience ahead of the appearance of God of War Ragnarök, a direct sequel, later in 2022.

The 2018 reboot stars Spartan anti-hero Kratos, mourning the death of his wife and taking his son Atreus on a spectacular journey, and won high praise for not only its action-filled gameplay, but also the tenderness with which it treated a previously simplistic hero.

The game received a patch to unlock higher frame rates and resolutions on PlayStation 5, but its appearance on PC will give gamers more control than ever over how it looks, pushing its graphical settings to their maximum.

Support will be present for Nvidia’s DLSS feature, alongside 21:9 ultra-widescreen support and other graphical options that should get it looking even more stunning than it already has.

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