(Pocket-lint) – Virgin Media O2 has announced a new broadband router that will start to roll out to existing customers soon.

The Virgin Media Hub 5 will eventually be offered free of cost to all its broadband customers, with an invitation system initially, expanding to a wider rollout in 2022.

Its the first router from the company that supports Wi-Fi 6 – the faster. more reliable wireless network standard.

The device also comes with one 2.5Gbps ethernet port, alongside three 1Gbps ports. That means it’s futureproofed for even faster speeds in the future.

Virgin Media O2 has been busy in expanding its 1-gig broadband service to multiple locations in the UK, with a commitment to have it’s entire network ready to receive the ultrafast speeds by the end of this year. This router is therefore an ideal match.

“At Virgin Media O2 we don’t stand still and are constantly working to give our customers the latest and most innovative technology to suit their digital needs now and in the future,” said the company’s COO, Jeff Dodds.

“We are excited to give our existing customers first access to the Hub 5, powered by Wi-Fi 6 technology, which will provide even faster Wi-Fi speeds and help unleash the full potential of new devices from next-gen games consoles to the newest smartphones in their homes.”

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