(Pocket-lint) – Master & Dynamic has become the latest prestige audio brand to dip its toe into the gaming space, recognising the high demand for quality audio products to further immerse players in their games, whether multiplayer or singleplayer.

The MG20 headset comes in either black or white, and easily takes its place in the pantheon of the best-looking headsets we’ve ever tested. It’s got premium materials all over it, from magnesium earcups with lambskin ear pads to the anodised aluminium volume controls.

The removable boom microphone makes for the best possible voice quality, but there are also on-board microphones so that you can use it without the boom if preferred, and that’s one of a few features that make this a pretty adaptable headset for everyday music use.

Master & Dynamic

Bluetooth connectivity is here too, but a low-latency USB dongle is the best choice for wireless play on either a PC or PlayStation 4 or 5 console. 7.1 surround sound means you’ll get a real sense of immersion and space, too.

There are 22 hours of battery life on a charge, and from our testing so far we’re really impressed by the build quality that M&D has brought. Of course, it does have a chunky price tag attached – $449 or £429, placing it right at the top end of the headset market.

The headphones will be available to order from 16 November 2021.

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