(Pocket-lint) – Having previously launched a GoPro-competitor called the Osmo Action, DJI has decided to rip up the form book and start again from scratch with something completely different. 

Like all its other products previously branded ‘Osmo’, this latest camera is simply called DJI Action 2, and it features a modular design. 

The main camera unit itself is a very compact square shape with a large lens on the front and a screen taking up the space on the back. It’s dust-proof, water-proof and drop-proof according to the company’s press release. 

It’s worth noting here that while the camera itself is waterproof, the snap-on additional modules aren’t, and so if you want to film underwater with that attached you’ll need to stick it in a waterproof case, similar to those GoPro ones from years ago. 

It weighs just 56 grams, is built from aluminium, and can be mounted to a whole host of mounts and systems, including a lanyard you can hang around your neck. 

Being mounted isn’t a novel feature, but the way it does so is certainly unique. DJI went with a magnetic system, so the camera can just snap on to the lanyard, or snap on to the mount that attaches by traditional screw to any other mounting accessories. 

So whether you want to stick it to the top of your kayak, or wear it on your head, you can do so. Small grips also hold it in place to ensure it won’t just become detached. 

It’s this magnetic system that also allows the modular feature set. Combined with external contact points, the magnets enable the ability to snap to a screen mod that also has a built in battery or a power module that’s pure battery. 

This screen mod – as well as boosting your battery – gives you an additional touchscreen that you can see and control while you’re shooting footage or photos of yourself. 

As for camera specs, the single lens acts as a window to a 1/1.7-inch sensor that can shoot 4K resolution video up to 120 frames per second. 

That allows slow-motion capture at high resolutions. Plus, it features a wide 155-degree field-of-view, and has a dedicated colour temperature sensor that helps the colour product accurate colours in difficult lighting conditions. 

It includes a new version of the algorithmic RockSteady stabilisation too, using EIS (electronic image stabilisation) to smooth out footage, while HorizonSteady also ensures the horizon is level. 

On its own, the camera unit can film for up to 70 minutes, but you’re unlikely to get that shooting at 4K resolution. With that said, the additional screen tops that up with another full charge and can refill the camera’s battery quickly when attached. 

There’s the usual hyperlapse and timelapse modes, QuickClip for shooting very short clips for social media, plus livestreaming up to 1080p resolution. You can even use it as a webcam. 

There are plenty of added extras available too, like an additional snap-on battery module without a screen, various tripods, a remote control extension rod (selfie stick), a floating handle, magnetic headband a macro lens that you attach to the front and even a dual channel mic. 

DJI Action 2 is available to buy from today, with the Dual-screen combo (which includes the display mod) costing £455 in the UK or €519 in Europe. The Power Combo which includes the screen-less battery mode will be available at the end of November for £349/€399. Both combos include the magnetic lanyard, magnetic ball-joint adapter mount and magnetic adapter mount. 


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