(Pocket-lint) – Pikmin Bloom is the new AR walking game from Pokemon Go creators Niantic and Nintendo.

While at first glance it looks to have a fair bit in common with Pokemon Go, early reviewers report that the new title has a few surprises up it’s sleeve. Either way, we’re sure fans of the franchise will be delighted to be reunited with the creatures 20 years after the original game launched on Gamecube.

As of now, Pikmin Bloom has been released in the UK on the iOS app store and Google Play. It has also launched in mainland Europe, Taiwan and Korea. A full list of the countries unlocking the game today can be found here.  

Australia, Singapore, the US and Canada have already had access to the game for about a week and Niantic is continuing to roll out to other regions.

Niantic had a smash-hit on it’s hands with Pokemon Go but not all of its AR rambling ventures have been so successful; Niantic announced that its Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game will be shutting down in January 2022, less than two years after its initial release.

Will Pikmin Bloom prove to be the next Pokemon Go? I suppose it’s time to pop on some shoes and go for a stroll to find out.

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