(Pocket-lint) – The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless is not only visually striking but also has some interesting features that include gesture-based tilt controls and actions. That’s right, this mouse has a six-axis gyro and accelerometer, so you can tilt and lift it to activate commands. 

Add to that a customisable weight system, multiple programmable buttons, and both low-latency wireless and Bluetooth connections, and you’ve got a serious contender for the best gaming mouse around. 

Lightning-fast gaming action

  • Sub-1ms wireless with Slipstream wireless or low-latency Bluetooth 
  • 50G acceleration, 650 IPS tracking speed, 26,000 max DPI
  • 8 programmable buttons, plus tilt and lift actions
  • Adjustable polling rate up to 2,000Hz
  • Marksman optical sensor

There’s no denying that the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless is a looker. This is a right-handed gaming mouse, with a claw grip style, adjustable weight system, and multitude of buttons. 

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There’s much more than meets the eye, with some serious specs under the hood – including nippy acceleration, a high max DPI (meaning it’s super sensitive) and more. Like Corsair’s other recent offerings – such as the Sabre RGB Pro – this mouse offers not only Slipstream wireless and low-latency Bluetooth connectivity, but also a high 2,000Hz polling rate (meaning it ‘talks’ to your PC 2,000 times per second for optimum precision). All that means you are getting a fast and accurate mouse that you can rely on in the thick of battle. 

The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless has eight programmable buttons at your disposal. That includes the large red sniper button on the left which allows you to drop into a temporary low DPI for accurate sniping in first-person shooters. There are two DPI buttons on top, which you can use to flip between five DPI levels set in Corsair’s iCue software. There’s also a colour indicator so you have a visual cue on the level you’re on or switching into. 

But this mouse has more on offer that isn’t immediately visible. The M65 features a clever six-axis gyro and accelerometer system that can not only helps with lift-off distance but also with gesture-based commands. 

This means it’s possible to tilt the mouse side-to-side or lift the front or back off the desk and activate certain pre-programmed actions. Those actions can include simple commands like reloading your weapon in-game to full-blown macros you’ve recorded in iCue. 

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This is either a gimmick or a neat way to add extra capabilities to your gaming controls – depending on your perspective. We certainly like it though. No need for extra buttons yet easy to use settings that don’t accidentally activate when you don’t want them to. 

Zero gap quick-strike setup

  • Omron Optical mouse switches
  • Zero gap design with quick-strike buttons
  • Claw grip design

Continuing the theme of accuracy, the M65 Ultra RGB Wireless uses Omron’s optical switches for a hyper-fast response. This mouse has also been built with Corsair’s Quickstrike button setup and a zero-gap design. This means there’s a short travel distance before the button clicks thanks to the spring-loaded setup. The result is fast actuation and an accurate response when gaming. 

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This mouse also has some of the more satisfying clicks we’ve heard or felt from a mouse of late. This seems to be partly down to the overall design. With an anodized aluminium frame, the M65 Ultra wireless not only feels solid and premium in the hand-built also gives a wonderful ‘ping’ when you click it too. 

Unlike other lighter mice, this Corsair mouse also has a much more premium-feeling heft about it. You certainly feel like you’re getting what you’re paying for here – and not just because of the weight adjustment system. The M65 Ultra Wireless is simply well-constructed and that shows. 

Tunable weighting system

  • 110g standard weight, six extra weights for up to 128g
  • 1.8m tangle-free rubber USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Designed for FPS and MOBA gamers

If you like your mouse to feel a bit more substantial then you’ll certainly enjoy this one. As standard it weighs in at 110g, almost double that of the ultra-lightweight mice out there that are currently the defacto norm. The heavy metal aluminium frame offers a good bit of weight, but you can also add more. 

The setup includes six extra weights in two different forms. You can either go all-in and install the black weights and the screw-like covers on top, jacking the overall weight up to 128g. Or you can pick and choose. There are three places to add weights, so you can adjust the centre of gravity too. You can also just use the screw-like tops for less weight. The choice is yours. 

The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless is firmly designed for FPS and MOBA gamers. It’s also meant for a claw grip style rather than a palm or fingertip grip. This, unfortunately, shows.

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For us, the M65 is just a touch too small. It’s not long enough for our hands – but only by a smidgen. We also feel that the side thumb rest is a tad too small as well. Not as large and easy to rest on as the likes of that on the Logitech G502 Lightspeed or even Corsair’s Dark Core line-up. That said, we certainly didn’t find it uncomfortable to use – and the side grips are nicely textured and easy to hold onto.  


This gaming mouse is feature-rich, well built, and customisable thanks to programmable gesture-based tilt controls and actions. With a choice of connection options, decent battery life and accurate response, it’s a real gem. 

The superb build quality is particularly standout, as is the satisfying ‘ping’ you get with every click of the main button. If you like your mice with more heft, then this is certainly the one to buy – especially as it has a customisable weights system to adjust the weight and centre of gravity to your personal perfection. 

Make no bones about it, the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless is one of the best gaming mice we’ve ever used. 

Also recommended

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Logitech G502 Lightspeed

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed has a lot of the same things on offer as the M65. It has more buttons (11 total), an adjustable weight system, a free-spinning scroll wheel and a slightly larger design too. This is a real corker of a mouse and well worth considering. Especially if you look at Logitech’s Powerplay system which means you never need to plug it in for a charge. 


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Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless 

The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless is a bit of a different beast. It’s lighter and larger than the M65 and a bit more flimsy feeling because of it, but also a powerhouse in terms of specs. It’s also a great mouse with plenty on offer. 


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