(Pocket-lint) – There’s no better time to buy a new TV than in the Black Friday sales. There’s big discounts on some of the latest sets – and it’s a perfect opportunity to get a new television into your home before the holiday season. 

There’s still a little time before Black Friday arrives, but there’s plenty to consider when it comes to buying a TV. Black Friday will fall on 26 November in 2021, followed by Cyber Monday on 29 November. To get the best deals, you need to figure out what you’re looking for and keep your eye on prices from November onwards.

Where are the best TV deals on Black Friday?

Discounting on TVs is pretty universal across retailers, with many dropping prices. The great thing about televisions is that many get discounts at the end of the year because they have been available for some time, so you can still get the latest tech at lower prices.

US TV retailers

UK TV retailers

We’re going to be highlighting many of the best deals around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales period below, broken down into the most common sizes. At the moment, we’ve left the deals in place from last year so you know what to expect. You can jump to the section you want with the links below – and then navigate by screen size.

UK Black Friday TV deals | US Black Friday TV deals

Best US Black Friday TV deals

40-inch+ | 55-inch+ | 65-inch+


The ideal size for smaller rooms or as a second or third TV. 


The majority of TV sales come in the 50-60-inch sizes, with 55-inch being the average.

Samsung QN90A - save over $500

Sony X90J LED TV


More and more people are looking for a bigger TV – where the biggest savings can be found.

LG OLED C1 TV - save up to 28%

Best UK Black Friday TV deals

40-inch+ | 55-inch+ | 65-inch+


Great for students or as bedroom TVs.

LG OLED A1, 48in - save £100

Philips OLED 806, 48in - save £300

48-inch LG OLED C1 - save £400


This is the size that most people choose to buy. We’re expecting a lot more deals, but there are some pre-Black Friday offers already.

Samsung QLED Q65A, 55in - save £150


If you’ve got a little more space, then going larger than 60-inches can give you a much more immersive experience. 

No deals at present, but we’ll be updating this page regularly as the bargains come in…

What to consider when buying a TV

Of course, ensuring you’re buying the right TV is the most important part.

The biggest factor when it comes to buying a TV is where you’re going to put it and whether it fits. We all want big TVs, with sizes around 65-inches getting increasingly common. But that size might not fit in all rooms – it might just be too big, so carefully consider how much space you have, including how far you’ll be sitting from the screen. 

This also helps with decisions on whether you need 8K or not. It’s the latest technology, but it’s more expensive at the moment and if you’re buying a smaller TV then it’s not something you need to worry about. If you want to put a larger TV in a smaller room, however, the extra detail it offers can improve the experience when you’re sitting closer to the screen. 

More important is likely to be the technologies offered. The latest games consoles support 120Hz, and while this technology isn’t being hugely exploited at the moment, it might become a lot more important during the life of your TV – and not all TVs offer it, so be sure to check. Another is Dolby Vision HDR – not all TVs offer it and if you’re a movie fan, this might be a technology you want supported.

We’re seeing a wider option of features on TVs – Philips offering its Ambilight illumination is big draw, while the depate about OLED, QLED or just LCD still rumble on – and Black Friday often makes those premium TVs a little more affordable.

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