(Pocket-lint) – It looks like Sonos might be planning to introduce a more affordable little sibling to its third-generation Sub.

A Redditor recently noticed mentions of a “Sub Mini” in the Sonos mobile app, leading one to believe that Sonos might announce a miniature subwoofer soon. Sonos even described the Sub Mini as a “smaller, cylindrical subwoofer” when compared to the larger, more square Sub.

Keep in mind the Sonos Sub currently retails for $750 in the US. In our review of the subwoofer, we said it sounds great and offers plenty of bass.

The Sub is for those who are happy to turn the levels up and want tooth-rattling amounts of noise. It isn’t for everyone, nor is it necessary for everyone, but the Sub is certainly a speaker that is all about sound, and it’s an excellent addition to the Sonos system if you can afford it.

Presumably, the Sub Mini will be much cheaper than the Sub. But it will likely still cost a considerable sum, given Sonos is a premium speaker brand.

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