You might not have noticed its absence, but the YouTube app on PlayStation 5 had been short of one feature since it launched at the console’s release date last year – high dynamic range (or HDR, as most people know it).

The richer colours that it lets videos take advantage of are something that many (if not most) PS5 games utilise, but for some reason it took YouTube quite a while to add it to its video player for the console.

Now, the eagle-eyed team at FlatPanelsHD has spotted that it’s live, thanks to some backend testing – although it can’t be sure exactly when the change happened.

While it might not be a life-changing update, this does mean that channels uploading in HDR will appear more vibrant and high quality, which is a nice little win.

That said, if you’re a fairly casual YouTube viewer there’s a decent chance nothing you ever watch actually uses HDR, but it’s one of those bits of tech that’s only going to become more prevalent as time goes by, so there’s absolutely no harm in it working now.

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