(Pocket-lint) – Meta offers a unique type of emoji through the Facebook Messenger app. Called Soundmojis, they’re basically emoji with sound.

At launch, Facebook introduced an “entire” Soundmoji library, and said it plans to update the library regularly with “sound effects and famous sound bites”. Most recently, it added two Soundmojis inspired by Stranger Things (ahead of the new season) and one that Taylor Swift’s “Red”.

What are Soundmojis and which sounds do they make?

Soundmojis are Meta’s brand name for emoji paired with audio soundbites.

Not only are classic emoji icons matched with sounds, such as the hands clapping emoji paired with a clapping sound and the drum with a drumroll sound, but Meta also said you’ll hear audio clips from artists as well as snippets from TV shows and movies. For instance, the hourglass emoji plays Drake’s “you only live once, that’s the motto” lyric, while the fist bump emoji plays the “I don’t have friends, I got family” line from Fast and Furious 7.

How to use Soundmojis in Facebook Messenger

Find Soundmojis

To locate Soundmojis, tap the emoji button in a Messenger conversation, then tap on the loudspeaker icon on the right, and scroll through the available options. You can tap on any Soundmoji to preview the sound.

Send Soundmojis

Once you’ve followed the steps above, simply hit the “send” button to share a Soundmoji in your Facebook Messenger conversation.

Example Soundmojis

Here are a few of Meta’s most recent Soundmoji additions:

  • The zipped-mouth plays “friends don’t lie” from Stranger Things.
  • The red siren plays “This is a code red, I repeat a code red!” from Stranger Things.
  • The fire heart plays Taylor Swift’s “burning red” lyric.

When will Soundmojis be available?

Meta rolled out Soundmojis ahead of World Emoji Day in July 2021. They’re available for both iOS and Android users of the Messenger app.

Want to know more?

Check out Meta’s video above or blog posts here and here for more details.

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