(Pocket-lint) – Tado has launched a new feature for its smartphone app that incorporates your energy meter readings and gives you advice on how to control consumption.

Energy IQ was first touted earlier this year, with the rollout now underway. It enables Tado smart thermostat owners with an Auto-Assist subscription to monitor smart meter data from within the app itself.

The results are shown in real-time and detail exact heating costs and energy consumption. The app then allows users to make actionable changes to reduce each, by setting temperatures or other minor changes that could make a big difference.


Evergy saving functions include geofencing, open window detection and weather adaptation, which can be toggled on and off. They can also show an instant affect on the readings taken from a smart meter.

“Currently UK households have been heating their homes without fully understanding the impact on their monthly bill,” said the co-founder of Tado, Christian Deilmann.

“Our new app feature, Energy IQ, will be the world’s first solution where users can decide in advance how much they want to spend on heating costs in a month and make changes to adjust this cost.”

The price of energy in the UK has grown dramatically in a relatively short space of time and is likely to increase further in early 2022 as the government looks at the current cap it set for energy bills. Many energy firms have fallen into administration or ceased to trade altogether in the last 12 months.

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