(Pocket-lint) – A huge leak of Garmin watches has revealed an entire collection of devices from various product lines, all of which are expected to launch soon, likely around CES 2022 time in January. 

For many, the headline product will be the Garmin Fenix 7, the next generation of Fenix which hasn’t seen a series number update in more than two years, following various revisions and updates to the Fenix 6 family first launched in 2019. 

From a design standpoint – looking at the images – it doesn’t appear as though we’re going to see any major design changes from the Fenix 6. But if you look closely you will see them. 

For instance, rather than having five small screws on the bevel around the display, the screws have been moved to the strap lugs, suggesting the top metal plate will extend to cover those. The red accent around the start/stop button in the top right has also become more prominent. 

As always, there will be different sizes of Fenix 7, with the leak suggesting we’ll see a larger 7X as well as the smaller 7S (pictured above), all of which will be available as Solar models, offering longer battery life. 

We’re also likely to see different colour combinations and finishes, with the 7S leaked in white/silver, white/rose gold and black (below). 

As well as the Fenix series, it appears Garmin is also about to launch a second generation of its more affordable Instinct range. The Instinct Solar was one of our favourite no-frills fitness trackers, thanks to its reliability and super battery performance. 

The second generation features a similar design to the first acording to the leaks, and has the monochrome LCD screen with a smaller, round secondary display in the corner. 

Only black and white models have leaked of the Instinct 2, but given how colourful some of the current models are, it would be surprising not to see yellows, reds and blues enter the range at some point. 

The extensive leaks are from the usual source – Roland Quandt at WinFuture – and, as well as Fenix and Instinct lines, also include the previously rumoured Venu 2 Plus

WinFuture/@rquandtGarmin mega leak photo 8

This new model of Venu continues with the AMOLED display that keeps it distinct from the rest of the Garmin range, and has been rumoured to add an additional button to support microphone functionality, allowing you to make and receive calls on your wrist. 

In addition to those three watches, it’s suggested we’re also going to see a second generation Garmin Epix. And with Garmin’s product portfolio including a plethora of different product ranges and names, it’s likely we’ll see more than that in 2022. 

Stay tuned though. CES isn’t that far away, so we’ll likely get the full picture within the next few weeks. 

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