(Pocket-lint) – After announcing the set in early 2021, Lego has finally confirmed that the Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone set is ready for release – it’ll be out for people to buy on New Year’s Day at the start of 2022.

It features the iconic hero of Sega’s games in his most widely-recognised level, with green pastures to sprint through. Also in attendance is Dr. Eggman, plus Crab, Motobug and Phantom Ruby.


There are plenty of rings to arrange as you like, for Sonic to collect, and a Technic lever so that he can get pinged into the air. Eggman has one of his memorable flying crafts to ride about, as well, so it’s a pretty comprehensive set of options.

1,125 pieces make up the set in total, and the bundle will be priced at $69.99, £59.99 or €69.99 when it releases on 1 January 2022 through Lego’s stores online and in person.

Whether this is just a one-off remains to be seen – since it came through the fan-created Ideas system, rather than a full partnership like the one that’s produced multiple Super Mario sets in the last year.

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