(Pocket-lint) – Instagram is supposedly considering a new feature that will make it much easier for you to create a profile grid aesthetic. 

Leaker Alessandro Paluzzi noticed that Instagram has been developing an “edit grid” feature that allows you to reorder the posts in your profile, rather than just let it show your posts in order of most recent. It’s unclear from Paluzzi’s post if the feature will need to be enabled under settings. 

The ability to customise the grid should be handy for users who like to do multi-post collages or for those who want to highlight an important post they’ve shared in the past. Artists, musicians, celebrities, and businesses alike would probably love the ability to customise their profile grid to suit their aesthetic or enhance their public image. But we can see regular users also enjoying the opportunity to showcase their best ‘grams. 

Of course, Instagram itself hasn’t confirmed whether it’s truly making a grid-reordering feature, so Pocket-lint has contacted the company for a comment. We’d like to know if it’s currently being tested among a small subset of users, such as Paluzzi, and if it will roll out more widely. 

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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