(Pocket-lint) – DTS has announced that DTS:X is coming to Sharp’s next line of TVs in Europe, thanks to a new partnership with the television maker.

According to DTS, DTS:X delivers a “truly immersive audio experience” from content played over a TV’s speakers. It is designed for single and dual-core TV SoC architectures and is backward compatible with all existing DTS-encoded content, including DTS:X and DTS-HD Master Audio from Blu-ray discs and DTS Digital Surround. It features a high-efficiency decoder for streaming content, too, and is compatible with the DTS Virtual:X.

Now that DTS has partnered with Sharp, you can expect the DTS:X immersive sound solution to be available on the new 4K Ultra HD Android TV model 70DN5EA, which launches in Europe in February 2022. In addition, DTS:X will come to the EQ Android TV series, launching in March 2022.

Sharp’s EQ Series TV series starts at £650, sports a frameless design, and supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision with 12-bit colour reproduction. 

DTS noted that DTS:X is a “must-have” for people who want to fully enjoy IMAX Enhanced, which recently debuted on Disney+. It allows you to watch 13 Marvel movies in IMAX’s Expanded Aspect Ratio (1.90:1). The idea is, with IMAX Enhanced, you can watch a movie as the director and cinematographer intended to present it to audiences in IMAX theatres – all from the comfort of your couch.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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