(Pocket-lint) – Amazon is opening a new type of store specifically focused on apparel, and, naturally, it’s packed with cutting-edge automated technology.

Called Amazon Style, it will sell clothes, footwear, and fashion accessories. It’s coming to The Americana at Brand shopping mall in Los Angeles later this year.

The unique thing about the physical shop is it will feature racks with QR codes that customers can scan with their phone to see available sizes, colours, customer ratings, and product details. Then, when you want to try something on, you can do so with a tap of a button. They will be sent to a fitting room. Amazon will also take the initiative to send additional items, sort of like recommendations, but you’re not obligated to try them on or wear them. Amazon’s app will alert you when a fitting room is ready and stocked with your goods.

In the fitting room, you can expect touchscreens to request more items. If you want to buy something, you can do so in-store or just save it to the Amazon Shopping app to buy at a later date. You can even use the app to find clothing and deliver them to an Amazon Style store to try on in person. Interestingly, Amazon doesn’t say if the store will feature “Just Walk Out” technology, which would allow you to pick up items off the shelf and quickly walk out without needing to pay for them at a register. Your Amazon app is simply charged.

The store will support, however, Amazon One. It’s a technology that lets you pay for items after verifying your identity via the palm of your hand.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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