(Pocket-lint) – Your iPhone contains information about your GPS location, which can virtually tether you to a specific location. You may want to overcome your device’s geo-restrictions for several reasons, such as playing location-based games, like Pokemon Go, calculating routes from different locations, or even dating via location-based dating apps, such as Tinder and Grindr.

Foneazy MockGo is an iOS-compatible GPS location spoofer that instantly teleports your iPhone’s GPS location to anywhere in the world. With one click of a button, you can place your GPS location wherever you want for leisure or work purposes. And don’t worry – this is a completely safe, jailbreak-free solution.

MockGo is compatible with the latest iOS 15 and iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro. Please continue reading to learn more about MockGo’s unique features and capabilities.

Instantly teleport your GPS location with one click

MockGo’s primary goal is instantly teleporting your iPhone’s GPS location to anywhere in the world. You can select where to place the GPS location on a map, thus transforming your virtual location. Once you’re in the new location, all other apps on your iPhone will offer updated, location-specific information.


If you’re using dating apps, such as Tinder, changing your GPS location allows you to access the dating pool from another location, such as another city or country. You might want to do this if you intend to visit another city soon. You can also hide or change your current location to prevent others from tracking you.

MockGo can also be used while playing video games based on your geographical location, such as Pokemon Go. You can hatch eggs and detect Pokemon from different locations without actively walking and exploring the whole world.

Create routes between two spots

Once you’ve chosen your virtual destination, you can create a route to another spot, essentially mapping the route between two virtual spots. If you’re planning on traveling to another city, for example, you can use this feature to examine the routes between your chosen hotel and other landmarks in the area.

Create routes between multiple spots

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After changing your virtual location, you can also create routes between multiple spots. Let’s say you want to select a hotel that’s properly connected to a school, restaurant, or your place of work. In that case, you can create routes between all the concerned locations to identify the clearest and simplest path.

Import the GPX file to your computer

A GPX file is a GPS Exchange Format file with your device’s geographic information, routes, and tracks. MockGo allows you to import the GPX file from your computer, so you can access all the routes, tracks, and other GPS information on your computer with one click.

Drive or walk down the route with a joystick

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MockGo allows you to virtually travel down the established routes using a joystick. You can control the direction to go exactly where you need to go, allowing you to virtually traverse a path before needing to do it for real. You can also start automatic GPS movement and then change directions in real-time with your joystick.

Simulate real, natural movements

MockGo allows you to simulate real, natural movements in real-time. You can walk or drive down the planned route without lagging, so you know exactly what to expect from a particular path. If you’re going on a road trip, this is an excellent way to vet the route in advance. This feature also allows you to play location-based games without actually moving.

To ensure optimal speed and naturalness, you can adjust the waking, cycling, or driving speed. You can enter realistic mode to make the speed vary by approximately 30% (give or take) of the average speed. You can also manually change to speed from 3.6km/h to 36km/h, accurately simulating the duration taken to complete a route in your chosen mode of transportation.

Suitable for up to five devices simultaneously

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MockGo can simultaneously work on up to five devices, making it extremely useful for large families. If you have multiple individuals in your household, you can rest assured that up to five of them can use this tool to change their iPhone GPS locations.

Do you need to change your virtual location? If so, you should definitely check out MockGo right now.

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