(Pocket-lint) – Yahav Draizin is a talented creator and advertising agency owner who brings the digital world into the real one with just a smartphone (or two) and an eye for perspective.  

Using his phone he matches up popular images that you’ll recognise with real-world objects. With a dash of perspective, he creates the illusion that the two worlds are colliding in some really interesting ways. 

We’ve collected some of his brilliant images for your enjoyment. We’d also highly recommend checking out his Instagram account for more in future. 

Abbey Road

Who needs Photoshop? With a little perspective, you can just make the famous Beatle’s Abbey Road image come to life.

Potter mishap

Harry Potter has had a bit of a mishap and crashed his broom into the ground. Oof. That’s going to hurt. 

Life is like a box of chocolates

Forest Gump is now conjured up as if by magic sitting on a bench contemplating life. The small child sitting nearby is clearly hoping for a sneaky snack. 

Insane stallion

With this one, enjoy the idea of a car company using a cheerful zebra as its brand logo rather than a stallion. Sure it might not have the horsepower but it could make up for it with zebra gallops. 

A window to the world

Here Yahav Draizin has made the classic Microsoft Windows wallpaper come to life.  We have to admit to being surprised as it’s not the same area but yet is thoroughly convincing. 

Kong strikes again

Imagine the scene if King Kong was loose on the Empire State building and you were there to snap a photo. It’d be even more interesting it no one else had noticed and the surroundings were this calm. 

Groovy baby!

Austin Powers might have driven a Jag, but that doesn’t stop this image from being both convincing and amusing. 

American Gothic with the Simpsons

One of the most famous oil paintings of the American modern age, American Gothic, now features America’s most well-known cartoon couple. 

We’ve seen this painting used in amusing ways before but this one is just as good. 

Unimpressed panda

This panda is not best impressed with the kids dabbing, but we’re certainly impressed with the resulting photo. 

Big Ben in Tel Aviv

With this photo, we get to see the illusion that Big Ben has been replicated in Tel Aviv. From this perspective, it’s a perfect fit too. 

Mr Krabs

From Spongebob Square Pants world comes Mr Krabs stepping into our world with a shocked look on his face. We can only imagine what he’s seen to cause this expression. 

Not an impossible mission

We know that Tom Cruise does all his own stunts or at least that’s what we were lead to believe. Here Yahav Draizin has made it look like it’s all just green screen work after all. 

Splits on the trainline

Don’t take photographs anywhere near trainlines. It’s dangerous. But still, we enjoy the perspective of this one, like Van Damme is just busy posing for photos on railway tracks. 

The Dude goes bowling

Although the background might be off, the positioning of this image of the dude and a young bowler make for an amusing and convincing photo. 

Ted is not a good babysitter

Though once again the backdrop might not match, the sofa nearly does and we can happily imagine Ted sitting on this couch. But he’d be a terrible influence on any small child he spent time with so we can’t condone it. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Editing by Britta O’Boyle.

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