Apple has allowed unlisted apps to appear in the app store, which will be available via a direct link. Apple has over a million apps, including education, entertainment, gaming, streaming, photography, and many more. But the latest provision allows the secret or unlisted apps to appear in the App Store. Such Apps will be made available to only a few people. These Unlisted Apps will not appear in search results and won’t show to the public.

Apple is working to ease its users through premium experience and ultimate solutions to their needs. It opened the Apple App Store in 2008 and ever since expanded the service of digital apps. At the time of start, the App Store comprised only 500 apps before the exponential increase in the number of apps. Now the Apple App Store has over 4 million gaming and non-gaming apps. They catered these apps to the needs of the users. Yet, the specific needs of companies, research groups, and public events partially fulfilled by the Apple app Store.

So, the new stipulation of allowing unlisted apps is important for businesses and digital communities. In this article, we will discuss how you can develop and publish your Unlisted App. So, let’s dive into the topic.

How to distribute unlisted apps?

The new provision of Apple will allow the app developers to develop specific apps that can publish in the Apple App Store. You can access these unlisted apps via a direct link only. Such apps won’t show to the public and fulfill the specific needs of the research studies, surveys, businesses, and special events.

These apps don’t show in any App Store Categories, charts, listings, recommendations, and search results. The only way to have open access to these apps is through Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager. You can distribute unlisted apps to the intended audience and team members via a direct link.

You can distribute unlisted apps to:

  • All the regions which are supported by the Apple App Store.
  • Employee-owned devices. Usually, you can’t manage such devices through Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager.
  • Such unlisted apps can also be shared via a direct link to your intended audience. Your limited audience can be your partners, affiliates, research members. The direct link is usable on the App Store, Apple Business Manager, and Apple School Manager.

How to get an unlisted app link?

A link to an unlisted app is crucial for distribution and taking the benefit of this facility. To receive a direct link, you will need to request it from Apple. Whether your unlisted app approved or submitted for review, fill the request form diligently as instructed.

In case they have made your app available for private download, create a new App record in App Store Connect. After this, upload the binary details and change the distribution method to the public before filling out the request form.

Once Apple will approve your app, its distribution method will change to the unlisted apps. Apple doesn’t entertain the unlisted app requests for the beta or pre-releases. So, make sure your unlisted app fully developed and is ready to publish before filling out the request form.

How to share your unlisted apps?

Once Apple approves your app, you will get a link. Through this link, you can have access to the unlisted app on Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager. Anyone having this direct link would have access to the unlisted app.

So, make sure those who are your team members or part of a research project or business can only use the link. You can also use some mechanisms to prevent unauthorized usage of unlisted apps.

Concluding remarks

If you want to have an app that can fulfill your specific needs, then Apple can help you. One of the most fundamental changes in this data age is the possibility of everything you can imagine. If you need a specific app that is not available on the Apple App Store, then simply make a request to Apple for an unlisted app. Apple will review your request form and gauge the compatibility and specifications of the app.

Once approved, you could share it with your team members or business partners. Also, you can award access to anyone through a direct link. Such personalized apps will bring a new revolution in the digital transformation and, once again, Apple is the forerunner.

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