(Pocket-lint) – Memes are great, aren’t they? But how many times have you ever seen a classic painting or piece of art turned into a meme? Not many we bet. We’ve discovered a trend where people are turning original works of art from years gone by into amusing modern memes. 

For your personal amusement, we’ve collected some of the most entertaining for you to enjoy below. If you want to see more though, we’d recommend checking out the Classical Cringe and Classical Damn Instagram page

Woman cuts Kimono

Here Classical Damn has added some humour to the image with the idea that the woman is cutting her Kimono to avoid disturbing the cat. 

Woman on a bike

We’re not sure what this lady was involved in but here she’s been photographed (in a rather fancy dress) riding around on a bicycle practising lopping off heads. 


Don’t challenge a wise person’s knowledge. Unless you want them to break out their quill. 

Food photos

We love this one. People Instagram their food all the time and others will say it’s a horrible modern trend. But people have been doing it for years. 

12 close friends

Jesus performed plenty of miracles, but perhaps his biggest and least well known is simply having a dozen close friends in his thirties. How many people can say they have that?

Cats are high maintenance

Cats are demanding creatures. Here the amusing meme imagines that these kitties have lost their owner but are still peckish and are using a ouija board to contact them to ask for food. 

Poems and chill

The humour of this one is perfected by the sad look and sideways glance of the lady. She is not having a great time of it, perhaps because she was expecting a bit more than just a poetry reading. 

Spoiler alert

This is the Saint Columba Altarpiece also known as the Adoration of the Kings which dates back to around 1455. It depicts the birth of Christ and see’s him with Mary and others. In the background is an icon of Christ on the cross. A spoiler alert for the future. 

The meaning of life

If you could ask God why we exist and why he gave us life, what would he say?

This meme imagines a modern thinking on an ancient action. 

Online orders

Have you too been buying random things while in pandemic lockdown? This guy certainly has. He’s even managed to buy himself a small dragon to take for walks. 

Selling merchandise at the Crucifixion

In this one painting, it looks like this woman circled is trying to sell clothing with Christ’s likeness emblazoned on the front. He’s looking back while carrying the cross on his back, clearly not too happy about it. 

Showing off your cakes

What did people do to show off their amazing creations in the times before the internet? Paint a picture of it or parade around town showing off their creation?

Wales or Whales?

Wales or Whales? Not things you should get confused about when talking to ladies. 

Classic date format

A classic meme applied to an equally classic painting. What’s not to like? 

Undress me

This one appears to be the cover of a classic romance novel, rather than a proper painting or artwork, but it’s still a brilliant meme. 

Least drunk person

Someone has to be in charge of the food order and naturally, it should be the least drunk person. But when there’s enough of them it’s going to be carnage. 

Worse than the friendzone?

If you’ve ever been in the friendzone then you know how rough that is. But this has got to be worse. We both chortled and felt a pang of pity for this chap. 


We’ve all got a friend like this, who makes you feel old and not in touch enough with the current memes. Thinking they’re above us, sitting in their meme throne. 

Red Riding Hood’s life lesson

Sometimes when you’re feeling down a simple meme can be enough to make you feel better about yourself. We’d never thought about Red Riding Hood like that before. 

Left the oven on

Ever been doing something important and realised you forgot something else that’s equally important? Can’t have the house burning down while you’re out at war, that would be embarrassing. 

Jesus wearing a cross

Pay too much attention to the old Christian paintings and artworks and you’ll start to notice these sorts of things. Why is Jesus wearing a cross? Isn’t that a weird move for him? 

Henry’s wives

These paintings of Henry the Eighth’s wives have clearly been updated to show them with beaming smiles as there’s no way they were this happy about their lives with the King. 

Where do babies come from?

The conversation about the birds and the bees is difficult enough at the best of times, but imagine trying to have it about the immaculate conception. 

He’s a house cat

If you’ve ever had a house cat that’s not allowed to go out, but insists on trying, then you know what this meme is all about. Here the hilarity is given a retro vibe thanks to this ancient statue. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.

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