(Pocket-lint) – Apple is rumoured to be planning a spring event. Many assumed the company would send out invites on 1 March, announcing an event for one week later. But that didn’t happen. If you’re now wondering whether the event will happen at all, you’re not alone.

In fact, some have taken to asking Siri about the event and what to expect.

Try to ask Apple’s personal assistant the following: “What is going to be announced at the Apple event?”. Siri should respond with, “You can’t hurry news. No. You’ll just have to wait”. If you try different wordings of that phrase or straight out ask when an Apple event will happen next, Siri will direct you to the Apple event website. In past years, you could ask Siri and it’d give you different answers. You could even ask “Give me a hint” to get an answer. Now, even if you say “Give me a hint”, Siri will say, “You can’t hurry news”.


There is speculation Apple might delay its spring event due to the invasion of Ukraine. Apple earlier on Tuesday announced it’s halting all sales of its products in Russia in response to the conflict, and it’s also enacted limitations on Apple Pay due to new sanctions while also kicking some Russian news outlets off its App Store outside of the country. After doing all that, it might look odd for the Cupertino company to announce an event where it happily shows off a new iPhone SE, iPad Air, and new Macs for consumers to buy.

Perhaps Apple will simply announce the products via press releases, rather than with an official event, as it has done a few times in the past.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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