(Pocket-lint) – DJI is rumoured to be working on a Mini 3 drone, and a new leak has surfaced revealing what appears to be a redesigned body, as it looks somewhat different from the Mini 2.

On Twitter, @DealsDrone has shared a leaked video of what is supposedly the body framework for the upcoming DJI Mini 3. Supposedly, the brackets for the new rotating front arms are different from the horizontally folding ones on the Mini 2, possibly so that they can support larger propellers. The new leak might also show a different front with possible gimbal support.

The DJI Mini 2 has a three-axis gimbal that hangs down from the front of the drone, but the Mini 3’s seems to be held stationary on both sides. DroneXL has wondered if the Mini 3 doesn’t have a stabilised gimbal, choosing instead to use electronic image stabilisation in a larger camera module. Another apparent change between the Mini 2 and Mini 3: DJI’s upcoming drone looks it could house a larger battery. If all this proves to be true, expect a significantly higher price point than the relatively affordable predecessor.

Keep in mind this leak also appears to be in line with another one that recently popped up for a “DJI Mini 3 Pro” drone that has not been announced. Given that there has not been a new DJI Mini since 2020, and now all these leaks are now appearing, we suspect a refresh could happen sooner rather than later.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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