(Pocket-lint) – Decorating is a complex art, one that can make or break not only other people’s impressions of your home but also shape how comfortable you feel living in it. 

While a bit of subtle decor can really enhance your space, whether it’s some framed art or posters on the wall or a unique piece of furniture that you’ve bought to draw the eye, it’s also true that going overboard by accident can ruin a room.

There’s something hugely enjoyable about observing other people’s disastrous decor, too, and that’s the exact niche that the Instagram account pleasehatethesethings has found – it posts photos of awful home decor for people to hate and enjoy in equal measure. We’ve collected some of the account’s highlights for your viewing pleasure. 

Cat’s eyes

We open in the manner in which we’ll continue – with a piece of decor that we’re not sure why anyone would choose. The mirrors themselves are relatively ordinary, but the decision to paint that cat on the wall behind them is honestly baffling. It’s got a horrendous Alice in Wonderland vibe to it.

Horror movie vibes

If we’re talking about decorations summoning up a mood from pop culture, though, this arrangement is straight out of a haunted house or horror movie. There are so many components – from the old books to creepy dolls and the piano’s keys. Really scary stuff.

Life’s a beach

Many of the images you’ll see in this gallery give the impression of having been crafted from crummy materials and in moments of need, but this room is obvious an opulent one. It’s all taste and no necessity, so you do wonder how someone with so much money thought that this mural was a good idea. 

From a depraved mind

If we’re questioning people’s motives, though, this sink has to be seriously worrying. For the life of us we can’t understand what would possess someone to make it, let alone buy and install it. Could it be an elaborate art piece? We can only hope so. 

You’re dooring it wrong

This is the item that comes closest to getting a free pass out of anything in this gallery, for our money. We can’t help but assume that someone messed up badly while installing this door, and someone else was too polite to say anything about. Fast forward a bit and you’re living with what is patently an upside-down door, forever. Such is life, eh?

They’re just not curtains

This image could feel like it’s a lot more normal than the others you’ve seen so far – it looks like many lounges we’ve been in. But just look to either side of the window and you should spot the offending items. Those bizarre mini-curtains are honestly confusing. What are they for? Why are they there? Are they hiding something? 

Frozen in time

Another deeply unsettling item is this toilet lid and seat. Butterflies are pretty, and drawings or paintings of butterflies might, potentially, look alright in your bathroom. Petrified butterflies embedded in perspex, though, look weird and worrying. Simple. 

It was all yellow

If we’re talking questionable bathroom decisions, though, this room is a masterwork. Obviously everything is yellow, which isn’t how we’d do things if we had our own way, but that obvious issue actually could mask the other bizarre touches. There are multiple statues and busts in this, a bathroom. One of them is gold. It’s just not right. 

A door to nowhere

This bit of DIY work is suggestive of a plan that was aborted at short notice – was there a landing being built? A balcony, perhaps? Either way, it clearly didn’t get finished, and now whichever unfortunate soul lives in this house has a dangerous door that mustn’t be opened at any cost. Which is a bit of fun, or very risky, depending how you look at it. 

Headache city

There’s loud kitchen decoration, and then there’s this. As far as we’re concerned this is a room designed to give people headaches and migraines, with visual noise apparently the rule. We couldn’t live with it for long, but presumably it is someone, somewhere’s cup of tea. 

A custom job

Like some of the others, this kitchen doesn’t scream out that it’s terrible, until you look more closely. Notice the oven which manifestly doesn’t fit into the space allotted to it. Notice that tiled barrier which hangs down into people’s eyeline for seemingly no reason at all. It’s a real shame. 

Simply scary

If you were looking only at the right-hand half of this picture you might not find too much wrong. It’s all about that bizarre wall niche, shelf-style construction to the left. We’re roundly confused by what it’s actually intended to be, but are confident that the three (three!) rocking seats left on it would creep us out badly if we had to sleep in the room. 

There’s a piano on the wall

Of course, if we’re talking about worrying features on a wall, there’s nothing like an ominously hanging piano to set our nerves on edge. Could it fall at any moment? We’re not great with construction, so that might not be our area. Is it regardless a crazy thing to have hanging above your stovetop in a kitchen? Yes, it most definitely is. 

Hope springs

This is a tough one to take. It leaves you wondering whether the people who strapped that broken mattress to their ceiling knew that it was, in fact, a broken mattress. Did they recognise those springs as bedsprings, or do they think it’s some avant-garde bit of ornamentation? It’s scary to think what could happen if you jumped on this bed too aggressively. 

Everything is wrong

Our final image is a complete package. There are just so many questions. Why is a bathroom fully carpeted? Why does that carpeting extend up and around the lip of the bath? Why does the bath look so dirty? Why is it apparently a four-poster bath? Why is there no shower curtain? Why is it so dark? Seriously, this one has to be the end of the line – it’s just too much for us. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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