(Pocket-lint) – Lego has reintroduced the iconic Back to the Future DeLorean car to its product range with a new set going on sale on 1 April 2022.

Instead of a set comparable in size to a standard Lego minifigure, Lego has created a huge 1872-piece set celebrating the three different DeLorean’s from classic eighties trilogy starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Even better, we’ve built one.

Having withdrawn its first licensed set in 2014, the new model is more complex and is more akin to the company’s Star Wars Collector Series.

The Lego Back to the Future Time Machine (10300) contains 1,872 pieces and is aimed at adult builders.

The epic build will take you a couple of evenings, and features loads of easter eggs both in the model itself and throughout the 283-page / 440 step manual that guides you through the, at times, complex build.

As with many Lego builds of “actual things” there can be some repetition at times as you build up the car from one side to the other and we found that by reading ahead slightly you can be better planned for this as the right and left side of the car use the same pieces just in a reversed configuration.

Lego has broken up this potential monotony by jumping you back and forth around the car. One minute you’re working on the heavily detailed rear engine compartment, the next building out the front bonnet.

The set comes with three “alternative endings” allowing you to build the DeLorean from the first film complete with lightning rod connector, the second with folding tires and a Mr Fusion on the back (including a banana and beer can), or a third option to represent the modifications that Doc Brown has to make in the third instalment in the Wild West.

Within the structure is an elaborate switching mechanism to let you filp out the wheels ready for flying mode – we don’t need roads where we’re going – and this can be done at any time making the transition from the DeLorean in BTTF to the DeLorean in BTTF2 very easy.

What’s slightly frustrating though is the same can’t be said for further car customisations between the three films.

Why? Because the three different builds share the same some of the same parts. We’re confused that for the sake of a couple of bits of Lego, it would have been nice for there to not have been any cross over.

That would in turn allow you to quickly swap out parts to change the look on a whim in a modular fashion rather than have to work out which parts you need to raid from the previous build.

And while the closure mechanism to the gull wing doors that allow them to slowly drift down and close is a beautiful feat of Lego engineering, it would have been nice to have the option of letting them stay full opened to give the model more motion.

Those two small complaints aside – which we’ve already fixed ourselves by raiding our Lego stash – the set is a joy to build and will easily take pride and place on a bookshelf to show your love for the movie.

We especially love attention to detail whether that’s the light up Flux Capacitor, the display panel with the potential time travel dates on it (Oct 26 01:21 for those wondering), the two different Outatime number plates, the white rimmed wheels for the BTTF 3 version, the box of Plutonium, or pink hoverboard.

If you’re a Back To The Future fan you won’t be disappointed. This set will certainly bring back the enjoyment of the films and if you’re like us, have you humming the theme tune while you build it. Afterall “That’s the power of love”.

Some parts, including windscreen and shaping elements for the front of the DeLorean, are entirely new to Lego.

As well as enough pieces to rebuild the car into one of three variants, you get Marty and Doc minifigures from BBTF2, tires that fold down for flight mode, a light-up flux capacitor, and printed dashboard dates.

The iconic gull-wing doors and hood open and there are plenty of other Easter eggs included, such as Marty’s hoverboard.

“Since its release in 1985, Back to the Future continues to be a cult film and a favourite for generations of fans all over the world – including myself,” said set designer, Sven Franic.

LegoNew Lego Back to the Future DeLorean coming 1 April photo 2

“I had so much fun reliving my favourite moments from all three films on this exciting and nostalgic design adventure.”

The Lego Back to the Future Time Machine will be available at the start of April priced at £149.99 / $169.99 / €169.99.

Writing by Stuart Miles.

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