(Pocket-lint) – Roborock is widely considered one of the leading brands of robot vacuum cleaners on the market. The company has been dedicated to producing completely autonomous vacuum cleaners that require minimal or no input from the user. Contrary to popular belief, most robot vacuum cleaners on the market still require considerable input from customers, both in terms of maintenance and operation.

Roborock’s new line of robot vacuum cleaners is here to spearhead a change, making self-emptying a staple in robotic cleaning. The new Roborock vacuum cleaners, such as the S7 MaxV and the new Q series, offer a hands-off solution. They include multipurpose docks that empty, wash, and refill themselves, minimizing the need for the customer to handle the waste.

The new Roborock vacuum cleaners can identify and adapt to various obstacles, such as pet waste, carpets, toys, and more, offering a truly seamless cleaning experience. Considering the release of the new flagship bundle, as unveiled at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Roborock is now discounting all of its new products for everyone in the US.

If you live in the US, you can now claim massive discounts on Roborock’s new robot vacuum cleaners, including the Roborock S7 MaxV and the Roborock Q Series. Below, we highlight the essential features of the new line of Roborock vacuum cleaners.

S7 MaxV MSRP: $859.99
Discount Price: $769.99
Period: 8th April to 14th April.

Self-cleaning, auto-refill ultra-dock

The Roborock S7 MaxV comes with the new Empty Wash Fill Dock, which can significantly reduce manual maintenance. The vacuum cleaner’s mop is automatically scrubbed during and after cleaning sessions, ensuring the system is suitable for the next cleaning session. The auto-refill dock also has a self-cleaning mechanism. The dust bag can hold up to 7 weeks of dust and debris, which means it automatically refills and cleans itself.

Optimal mapping, navigation, and obstacle avoidance

The Roborock S7 MaxV is powered by ReactiveAI 2.0, one of the most sophisticated obstacle avoidance and navigation systems in robot vacuums. It comes with a powerful RGB camera and 3D structured light, ensuring it can recognize objects, accurately adapt to obstacles, and remember the position of various furniture. This robot vacuum can also map unique flooring materials to recommend the ideal cleaning patterns, adapting the power and suction intensity according to the region.

Automatic mop lift capacity for seamless cleaning

The Roborock S7 MaxV features cutting-edge VibraRise technology, which combines sonic mopping and automatic mop lift capabilities. It can deliver high-intensity scrubs to remove the hardest grime and dirt. Furthermore, because of the mop lifting capabilities, it can continue cleaning different surfaces without having to stop. If it encounters a carpet, it can automatically lift the mop to continue vacuuming, following which the mop can descend again.

Self-emptying should be a stable of robot vacuums

The Roborock S7 MaxV is a high-end robot vacuum cleaner, but Roborock believes self-cleaning should be stable in the industry. Roborock is also releasing a mid-range Q series, allowing customers to access budget-friendly self-cleaning robot vacuum cleaners. The Q series features some of the cutting-edge technologies originally released in the high-end S series, plus the Auto Empty Dock Pure.

If you’re excited about robot vacuum cleaners that you don’t have to manually clean and empty every couple of days, you should be thrilled about the new S7 MaxV and Q Series. Since Roborock is discounting all of its newest robot vacuums for people living in the US, we encourage you to seize the day right now.

S7 MaxV MSRP: $859.99
Discount Price: $769.99
Period: 8th April to 14th April.

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