(Pocket-lint) – Garmin is back in the fitness trackers business, announcing the arrival of the long-awaited Vivosmart 5. 

A follow-up to the Vivosmart 4 that debuted in 2018, the company’s latest band is relatively light on the upgrades. 

The headline change is the display, which Garmin indicates is 66 per cent bigger than the previous model, as well as the addition of a new control button below the display. 

With older Garmin trackers, control through menus has often been a little finicky, while the display itself has been a little difficult to gain any useful info from. 

That’s changed with the $149.99 / £129.99 Vivosmart 5, with the larger text and swipeable touchscreen display hopefully making it easier to actually navigate through the tracker’s menus.

GarminGarmin's long-awaited Vivosmart 5 fitness tracker launches with improved display and tweaked design photo 1

The unibody design has also been tweaked, with the tracker now able to be popped and switched over to another strap of your choosing. 

Naturally, with plenty of time between this new generation and the last, there’s also a handful of software improvements landing.

Garmin notes that abnormal heart rate alerts and safety features are now present, joining the stress and health tracking metrics that launched alongside the Vivosmart 4, such as Body Battery, Pulse Ox measurements, continuous heart rate monitoring and sleep stage breakdowns.

As you might expect, there’s also a decent expected battery life with the Vivosmart 5, with Garmin suggesting you’ll get around seven days of use before needing to recharge.  

However, unfortunately, there’s still no built-in GPS included, so you’ll have to stick to tethering with your smartphone.

The tracker is available today in black, white and mint. And we’ll be testing it out over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for our full review. 

Writing by Conor Allison.

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