Can Find So Many Water, Heater, Electrical Devices with AI

If you are paying higher utility bills and unable to keep track of water, gas, and electricity usage in your home, then PowerX Suite is the solution for you! PowerX smart home devices are becoming one of the most powerful home utilities monitoring solutions on the market. It helps to get you a complete view of your water, electricity, and gas usage directly on your smartphone.

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PowerX Suite includes 4 devices: PowerX Water, PowerX Electricity, PowerX Water Heater sensors, and PowerX Hub. You can also buy additional accessories like water leak cable, and temperature cable. Let’s check out all related information, features, pricing, and how to install the PowerX suite?

PowerX Suite Features
PowerX Features

PowerX Suite Features:

PowerX App
PowerX Smartphone App

PowerX devices are very easy-to-install. It can be installed in 1-3 phase homes. You can plug its non-invasive sensors into your home and start monitoring your usage of water, gas, and electricity. You have to install the PowerX app on your mobile and then you can track all data in that app. You can manage appliances and outlets in the whole home from the PowerX app.

PowerX sensors are smart sensors that measure electric current, water flow, and heat. Combining all 3 sensors gives you a detailed view of your home’s utilities.

PowerX’s software is good and its machine learning uses your usage data to analyze and determine which devices are the most wasteful, which are working well, gives leakage alerts, maintenance needs, predicts monthly/yearly utility bills, provides actionable solutions, custom saving tips to make your home more efficient, monitors CO2 footprints.

As the app gives you real-time alerts, up-to-date to the minute on potential harms or inefficiencies, it can save your money. You can also compare your usage with neighbors, region, or city. The PowerX Terra uses Al to grow and learn with you and your family.

You can ask questions to PowerX like How much did I spend on showering this year? What did my toasting obsession cost me last month? What is the estimate for utility bills this month? What were the top things I can do in my home to save money, and CO2?! PowerX will give answers to all such questions.

PowerX Hub

You can use PowerX Hub to communicate with all 3 PowerX sensors. The hub syncs data from PowerX sensors via LoRa connection with zero latency or range issues. The Hub itself is connected to wifi or ethernet and transmits the data collected from the sensors to your smartphone. Multiple sensors can communicate with 1 single hub.

PowerX energy solution gives you a complete 360° view of your utilities including water, gas, and electricity straight to your phone. This is helpful to understand your usage and prevent overuse, and you won’t be surprised by another high utility bill.

You can stay connected with live & historic data, set custom saving goals, monitor spending, and keep track of your energy and water use, appliances cost and usage.

Connecting PowerX Hub
Connecting PowerX Hub

How to install PowerX Suite?

PowerX sensors are easy to install. It takes less than 1 hour. There are no drilling holes or cutting pipes required. The design of each sensor is really impressive, it’s non-invasive and easy to install and remove. You’ll get a full installation guide in the box.

PowerX Electricity
PowerX Electricity
PowerX Installation Guide
PowerX Installation Guide
Installing PowerX Electricity at Home

PowerX sensors can find and optimize energy consumption from different home appliances. PowerX Heat can find and optimize the hot water for all of these appliances and elements: washing machine, dishwater, bathroom sink, kitchen sink, bathtub, showers, pool, and jacuzzi.

PowerX Water can find and optimize the water usage for all of these appliances and elements: sprinkler systems, sump pumps, bathtubs, bathroom sink, kitchen sink, shower, pool, toilet, jacuzzi, water hose, garden hose, and all other water outlets.

PowerX Electricity will find all of these devices and monitor usage once installed into your Electric panel: Microwave, Lights, Air Conditioning unit, Solar generation, Oven, Refrigerator, Dryer, Coffee Machine, Toaster, Stereo, Projector, EV charging, Radio, and many more electric appliances.


PowerX Suite price is currently $717 $529 (with PowerXHub), PowerX Electricity price is $259, PowerX Water $239, PowerX Water heater $219. The company offers a 120-day return policy, 1-year warranty, and No subscription fee.

Customer Care:

You can contact PowerX Customer Care by texting +1 (332) 239-1502 or Email at [email protected] The support team will help you to solve your queries. PowerX’s customer care’s overall experience is good.


Climate technology is very important nowadays to save nature and our planet. Smart home gadgets like PowerX help you to analyze and understand your energy consumption, usage and identify ways that you can save.

PowerX Suite
PowerX Water, PowerX Electricity, PowerX Water Heater

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