Bluetooth is one of the revolutionary tech developments. It has made data sharing and multiple device connectivity possible without any external tools support. Windows 11 comes with robust Bluetooth connectors allowing users to connect their devices wirelessly to their PCs like headphones, mouses, keyboards, etc.

But unfortunately, many users have reported malfunctioning while connecting devices to Windows 11 PC. Some commonly reported malfunctions are delayed sound, stuttering, unable to establish a connection or disturbed working of your device.

These issues can be annoying, especially when you are in the middle of important work.

However, most Bluetooth issues are related to poor signal strength. Thus, simply extending the Bluetooth range on your Windows 11 can fix the issues.

So, let’s move ahead to know how to extend the Bluetooth range on Windows 11 for better connectivity and performance.

Why Is Bluetooth Range So Short?

Bluetooth and WiFi use a 2.4 GHz radio frequency. Both these technologies are designed to connect with devices located in a short-range because the data packets that exchange between them are slow.

However, Bluetooth has a lower range than a WiFi connection despite the same frequency. Do you know why?

Because Bluetooth consumes less power than WiFi, to run a WiFi network, you have to constantly connect the router to a power source. On the contrary, Bluetooth can work on limited power supply and resources. As a result, Bluetooth has such a short-range.

How to Extend Bluetooth Range on Windows 11 — 4 Easy Solutions

By default, Windows 11 Bluetooth has a range of 10 meters without any physical disturbance. But sometimes, this range gets interrupted due to several internal and external reasons.

However, you can try to extend the Bluetooth range on your Windows 11 computer using these solutions. You might have to try all the solutions to fix Bluetooth issues:

Solution 1. Remove Physical Interference

When you are unable to connect with Bluetooth or the signal strength is poor, this can be caused by physical interference. For example, if you have connected multiple devices with your computer system, it can disturb signals.

Ideally, the number of devices you can connect to a Bluetooth depends upon its version. The latest Bluetooth 4.1 and 5 versions allow you to connect 7 different devices at a time.

But when you have an old Bluetooth version or getting poor signal support due to some other reasons, it is recommended to reduce the number of devices connected to your Windows 11 Bluetooth.

In addition, radio frequencies coming from other devices can also interfere with your Bluetooth connection like WiFi, mobile phone signals, etc.

Thus, we recommend you turn off all other radio frequencies transmitting around your PC to extend the Bluetooth range.

Solution 2. Update your Drivers

The latest drivers can help to transmit Bluetooth connection faster between the hardware and software. Thus, if your PC is running on outdated or incompetent drivers, it can impact your Bluetooth connection.

Besides this, updating Bluetooth drivers can fix several other Windows 11 Bluetooth related issues, like:

  • “Bluetooth is not available on this device”
  • “Bluetooth is not working”
  • “Bluetooth icon is not showing”

So, here’s how you can update Bluetooth drivers manually on Windows 11:

Step 1. Press Windows + I key to open Windows Settings.

Step 2. Go to Update & Security > Windows Update.

Step 3. Click on the Check for updates button.

Step 4. Up next, click on the View optional updates button.

Step 5. Tap on the Driver updates tab.

Step 6. Choose the drivers you want to update, and click on the download and install button.

Alternatively, you can visit your Bluetooth driver manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver version suiting your PC. But, there is a possibility that you might end up getting the wrong drivers, leading to further Bluetooth issues.

Thus, the best solution is to get the driver updating software. These tools can automatically update your system with suitable drivers and ensure that you always have the latest drivers installed on your device.

Here Driver Easy is the best software to download the latest drivers on Windows 11. In addition, the software can automatically recognize your exact Bluetooth adapter and Windows version to download the drivers correctly.

You can use Driver Easy to download and install the latest Bluetooth drivers as follows:

Step 1. Download and install Driver Easy on your computer.

Step 2. Launch the software and click on the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will scan your computer and detect problematic drivers.

Step 3. Click on the Update All button to download and install the correct driver versions of all drivers missing or outdated on your computer.

update drivers

Solution 3. Update Windows 11

If you have not updated your Windows 11 in a long time, do it now. This will miraculously fix many Windows issues for you, including the Bluetooth range issues. Plus, every Windows 11 update comes with bug fixes and patches.

Here’s how you can update your Windows 11:

Step 1. Open the Windows Settings by pressing Windows + I keys.

 Windows 11 update

Step 2. Click on the Windows Updates from the left panel.

Step 3. Click on the Check for Updates button, and the Windows OS will look for the latest updates for your device.

Step 4. Suppose there are the latest updates available for your device. Download and install them using the on-screen instructions. And now, try to connect Bluetooth with your device.

Solution 4. Update your Bluetooth Adapter

There might be a possibility that your laptop or PC’s Bluetooth adapter is not working properly. This is a common case on old Windows computers.

For example, devices like Apple AirPods run on the Bluetooth 5 version, and some old laptops have Bluetooth 4 adapters. This can reduce the Bluetooth range or create connection issues.

Thus, you can upgrade your device’s Bluetooth adapters for better performance. On second thought, if your PC is too old, supporting the Windows 11 features will be difficult for it. So, you can upgrade your Windows gadget to achieve faster speed and performance.

Parting Note

The above-discussed solutions will help you easily extend the Bluetooth range on Windows 11. You should execute all the methods one by one to resolve the Bluetooth issues.

Also, you could get tools like McAfee to virus scan your computer as often malicious infection can also create problems.

So, that’s it for now! For more helpful guides, keep on reading blogs on this website.

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