Web designers have been used for decades now to help companies and individuals build an online presence. They are different from programmers since they are the ones that make a website usable and don’t really deal with the code that makes it run. They can be quite expensive to hire to help you make a decent website that offers a good user experience.

It makes people ask if they even really need a web designer these days. Back in the early internet days, it was essential to hire somebody that knew what they were doing. These days there are online tools that help you make transparent background images and even build a website without knowing how to code. In this article, we will go over what you need to build a site without a web designer. 

Use a site builder

One of the biggest reasons that you no longer need a web designer in 2022 is that you can build a site in minutes by using one of the many available site builders out there. You can choose WordPress, Wix, or any number of others that use a set of templates that will help you build a site.

Even those with very limited knowledge of web design or computers will be able to easily put together a site that works well and is pleasant to look at. From the smallest blog up to some of the biggest companies use these site builders instead of paying somebody to create a website for them. They are intuitive and highly customizable.

Use a theme

In addition to using a template for building a site, you can choose a theme that essentially is a ready-made website right out of the box. These themes are easily customizable to allow you to configure the site exactly how you like it while still using premade visuals for the appropriate user experience you are looking for.

Many themes cost less than $100 and offer a huge variety so you can easily find one that suits your needs. They can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be. Come up with a list of the things you have to have for your site to function and then look for the theme that will best fit those needs.

These themes can even include things like a page for payment processors so if you have an e-commerce site you can connect it to your merchant services provider and accept payments without needing to hire a programmer or web designer to do the work.

A good designer is hard to find

Most people won’t need the best web designer that money can buy but just somebody proficient and professional. Unfortunately, these designers are hard to find as they are busy with important projects. Unless money is no issue then you aren’t likely to find a good, reliable web designer that can get the job done.

You will often be able to do the work yourself and do it the way you like it rather than having to rely on a mediocre web designer that was the only person you could find.

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